Sheelah Moloney 2020 Art Gallery

As the Autumn settles in 2020 has a particularly exciting exhibition to kick start the season, it is the next solo show by textile artist Jenny Monks. Following the runaway success of her show, ‘Cameo’, here last year this new collection,’Tryst, is set to be just as enticing!lullaby-web

‘Tryst’ by Jenny Monks

8th of October to 18th November 2016

‘TRYST’ by Jenny Monks at 2020 Art Gallery, Cork, is a series of embroidered photographs presented as framed montages; 1940’s inspired.

Each textile piece provokes rumour and storytelling as it unveils snapshots of intriguing meeting places from secluded Spanish villages to ancient Lisbon.Romantic encounters are depicted by striking landmarks throughout the exhibition. Experiences are embedded in the walls and impressed in the mind through the beautiful layers of antique fabrics and delicate stitches. Faded facades, crumbling streets and close up architectural details ensure that the viewer draws clues from each scene.‘TRYST’ by Jenny Monks is an evocative collection of vistas captured by signature stitched drawings, subtle and surprising. High res images of a selection of works are available on request. Please contact me at this address or by phone on 021 4391458 for these or for any additional information on the exhibition.