The Silence

When a #story is written,when a #poem is composed,when a #book is published,when a piece of #art is created & when a time in our history knocked on everyone’s door & people’s lives ,families & the world was turned on it’s head #thesilence project came into being.It originated in #Cobh with the help & encouragement of some wonderful creative people.It is based on the photography of a young photographer Rob O’Connor a man whose work had become familiar to me over the last number of years.Initially the project was to be based on many images & was titled “Stories Through Photography” I had discussed the format with my friend & photographer Colm McDonagh.I then met the brilliant writer & poet Theresa McCormack in the Sirius Arts Centre & asked her for her views & opinion,she immediately offered her help.Claire Stack another brilliant lens lady was on board,indeed Claire & the Cobh Animation Team were amazing supporters of my work in the Sirius nothing was a problem.Belinda Shaw & Cobh Tourism were great supporters also & it continues.Belinda in a personal capacity is a great source of encouragement for the #Sirius & many of the projects & exhibitions that have taken place over the last number of years…In the meantime a lot changed,the world changed,Cobh changed & then one night through the madness it was March 21 10pm Rob took a collection of images that frightened the life out of me..I remember looking at the first of them & asking “Where is everyone,?where have they gone? So many things go through your mind,…this was a very different beast for all the wrong reasons.2020 was to be a very big year in Cobh & suddenly all the hard work was dismantled in a number of days,..”General” Covid-19 had taken us hostage & it was not nice…The Silence project was born,writers,artists,photographers,poets & people were asked would they consider submitting some writing to accompany the photographs..Cobh’s Anne McSweeny was one of the first & the content made me laugh out loud,you will understand when you read it.I asked Theresa Mc Cormack to write a poem as intro,she wrote the haunting “One Day In March” belongs to Cobh,in years to come it will be read it the schools,the lady is a great talent,..The Silence goes live on the web on June 27 it will coincide with the launch of another great #Cobh talent Michelle Dunne’s third book “While Nobody Is Watching” who is also a contributor to #thesilence…if you wish to submit a piece of writing to accompany the photographs you have until June 1 we would love to hear from you..who knows where this journey will take us..

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