Maria O’Sullivan Artist

Maria O’ Sullivan Art

Born in Cobh in 1990, Maria graduated with an Honours degree in Fine Art from Crawford College of Art and Design in June 2014.

From the Degree Show she was selected to exhibit in Joan Clancy Gallery where she received special mention by Irish Times Art Critic Aidan Dunne, and Peter Murray of the Irish Examiner. She was also invited to participate in the Annual Fledglings Exhibition in the Lavit Gallery Cork and in the Emerging Artist Exhibition in St. Patrick’s Hospital Dublin.

Shortly after graduating Maria was awarded a three-month residency with Scuola Internazionale di Grafica in Venice. During which time her “Urban Series” was exhibited at the Agora Gallery, in Chelsea, New York.

Her work has since been collected both nationally and internationally. It also forms part of the CIT Civic Collection.

From 2015 – 2017 Maria spent time working with Art Auctions at Sea before moving to Bournemouth, UK. Soon after she became a part of “Atelier Studios” in Christchurch and “The Factory Studios” Bournemouth.

During this time Maria also Collaborated with Arts2educate running workshops and creating live performance painting for ‘The Big Draw Festival’.

Since moving back to Ireland in April – her work has been exhibited in the Doorway Gallery in Dublin, Cork Airport, and is now available in the Half Light Gallery in Midleton. She has also worked with St. Als School in Cork creating artwork for the ‘Future Forms’ Exhibition in the Glucksman Gallery in UCC this March.

“Painting is a way in which I explore my own relationship to the world. It helps me understand my own thoughts and explore the possibilities of my mind. Allowing me to see the unseeable.”

“My goal is not to imitate the world but to understand how it operates and to find clarity somewhere between the representational and the abstract.” ​

Conceptually the work is part-social and part-climatic -exploring the complex interactions between the structural and the social. Often using architecture as a departure point, Maria uses structures to provide a certain social context which allows her to compress time and place. She starts her process by making marks, and uses those marks to create a space. Each composition – sometimes collage, acrylic paint, digital, charcoal and ink – shows structures and scenes shifted into something new.​

The work is contrived from a reservoir of accumulated experiences, it is a record of a lapse in time and place, addressing the intersection of past and future existence. Maria is continuously exploring the relationships between built environments and the people and systems that inhabit them in her work, often dealing with the ambiguity of what has been and what is to come.

A native of Cobh, Maria emphasizes uncertainty and indecision In her work, manifesting the many paths life can take. Her work capitalizes on a futurist sensibility and system of complex patterns to create dense reflections of urban space.

“Maria O’Sullivan creates exquisite imaginings of the restless world we inhabit. “ – ARTisSpectrum Magazine, NYC

“My work is a complete reflection of my own personality, where each line is a record of my own state of mind, indecision, progression and intersecting thoughts. As I navigate through my work my mindset often shifts and thus so does my drawing: It is in a constant state of change.”

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