Jocelyn Adam,Ceramic Artist

A few weeks back I was fortunate to meet Jocelyn Adam,it was an accidental meeting but there was a common interest for us both it was the #ogham alphabet which is an important component of the wonderful Brian O’Doherty exhibition “One Here Now” at the very beautiful Sirius Arts Centre #Cobh

Jocelyn Adam is a ceramic artist who graduated with a first class honours from the Crawford College of Art and Design in 2015. Private and public collectors alike have purchased his work and he has participated in a number of exhibitions to date.


CIT Crawford Graduate Residency 2015-2016

CIT Purchase Prize 2015

Eli Lilly Purchase Prize 2015

DBI Prize at the Irish Ceramics Awards 2015

Member of the Society of Cork Potters and Over the Line Studios.

Inspired by the natural and built environments, especially contemporary architecture, Jocelyn is also interested in Irish heritage. On his multiple journeys throughout West Cork, Jocelyn is continually intrigued by the Celtic traces from the past that are revealed through the #Ogham script. This ancient alphabet unearths a Celtic identity that connects to Jocelyn’s way of thinking about how contemporary architecture communicates its designs. Jocelyn’s minimalist approach to his work is expressed through the use of clay that is significant to him as it is a material largely used in construction

Whether past or present, structures reveal traces of identity that become inherent to the natural and built environments.

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