The Artist Kirstin McCoy

I had the great pleasure of meeting the artist Kirstin McCoy on social media.It was very fortunate for me,since that engagement I have become an avid admirer of her beautiful work,her collection consists of some of the most beautiful pieces that one will encounter…. do visit her website you will immediately fall in love with her creations…

Kirstin McCoy is a contemporary impressionist artist living in the South of France. Much of her Art is inspired by the famous “Southern light” and amazing vibrant colours of the South of France. The open countryside with the bright colourful flowers, the endless vineyards dotted with ancient cities, and the deep blue colours of the Mediterranean sea all add to the creative mix. Many of her paintings are based on drawings done on site in the countryside or in the towns etc.kirstinmccoy_2_orig 

Kirstin also paints ‘en plein air’ as well as in the Studio. Kirstin’s art is influenced by French Impressionists, Expressionists and Fauvists – Artists that also painted in the South of France such as Van Gogh, Dufy, Cezanne, Matisse, Derain etc Many of Kirstin McCoy’s paintings are distinguished by an energetic and extremely vigorous and free treatment of often thickly applied paint using both brushes and palette knives. Like the Artists that inspire her, Kirstin is also very interested in the expressive power of colour. Kirstin studied at the National College of Art and Dun Laoghaire College of Art Dublin Ireland. She exhibits nationally and internationally including with the well known Saatchi Art Gallery. Kirstin’s Art is featured in collections in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, UAE, France, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Pakistan, South Korea, Puerto Rico and Qatar.


Sailing boats with the vibrant colours of the sunset in the sky reflected in the water. Layers of paint have been built up using brushes and palette knives to capture the energy of the scene…..Sailing Boats,Kirstin McCoy



                                                                                                                                                      This atmospheric and unique oil Painting was inspired by an evening in Dublin City.
The view is of the pedestrian Ha’penny Bridge, with people crossing over it and it’s lights reflected in the water below, with the rich colours of the sunset in the sky above. This River Liffey scene looks towards Temple Bar, with the Four Courts and Guinness Brewery etc visible in the distance………Evening Reflections Dublin,Kirstin McCoy




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