The Artist Kirstin McCoy

I had the great pleasure of meeting the artist Kirstin McCoy on social media.It was very fortunate for me,since that engagement I have become an avid admirer of her beautiful work,her collection consists of some of the most beautiful pieces that one will encounter…. do visit her website you will immediately fall in love with…

Glastonbury Festival Virgin

Originally posted on Image Earth Travel:
June, 2016 As a Glastonbury Festival virgin, I had no idea what to expect at this massive and world-famous music festival! The infamous reputation of bygone years of the festival’s mud pit was to become a reality! Unlike last year’s sunny festival that I didn’t attend (but had a pre-festival guided tour around),…


Once again Clare,…your fabulous & colourful mind has me smiling to myself over a lunchtime tuna & sweetcorn sambo in Cork.”The potatoes and oranges and cabbages in their crates could barely believe it either”